The #MeToo movement that has swept over our nation like an inexorable tidal wave has been something to behold.   It’s almost as if one must hold their proverbial breath – wincing – as they wait for the other shoe to drop. As one titan of industry or film or of the sports world goes down after the next, […]

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The iSis 8.0

    *Decided to elaborate on my post from Friday @ this idea of being able to think differently in order to think effectively.*   It seems there’s a popular belief that America is a country chock-full of differing opinions about race, politics, and economics.   Noooottt really. As I see it…generally speaking…America is not the amalgam of opinions […]

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Yanny vs. Laurel?

  The question of the day: Did you hear Yanny or Laurel?   By now most who are reading these words will probably have seen or heard of the neurological phenomenon that has set the social media world on fire. If you are scratching your head right now, I strongly encourage you to Google the words “Yanny […]

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Hunger Pains

You know what racism feels like when you’re the person on the receiving end? It feels like an inescapable churning deep within that is perpetually in motion. Like an emptiness in the pit of your belly when you haven’t eaten in days and there’s nothing but a faint trail of dust in the cupboard. That emptiness – much to your chagrin […]

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I was recently watching an interview of comedian and host of the United Shades of America, Kamau Bell, on Power 105.1: The Breakfast Club.  Among many topics surrounding race & politics that were broached, one of them was the success of the hosts of the “Breakfast Club” – a trio which includes: DJ Envy – Angela Yee – and […]

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New Money

“More people today have the means to live but NO meaning to live for”. I really wish I could take the credit for the quote above, but alas I am not quite the sage the author who penned them was during his time on the planet. Those are in fact the words of famed Austrian psychiatrist and philosopher Victor Frankl. Frankl was the […]

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Stranger Things

In the era of Trumpism – one that I sincerely hope will be short-lived (feels like dog years don’t it?!)…I often have the feeling that I am living in the “Upside Down”, like the character “Will” from SEASON ONE of the popular Netflix series: STRANGER THINGS. Just like Will, I find myself hoping…searching…PLEADING for a way out of […]

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The South is Retarded

  re·tard·ed rəˈtärdəd/ adjective Dated offensive less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age.   I highlighted the words social development within the definition above with good reason. But, we’ll come back to that statement a little later. Just recently I saw an episode of 60 Minutes in which OPRAH WINFREY went down to Alabama […]

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A Hot Cup of Racism

  A lot of people pass through the doors of Starbucks each and every day all across America. You might say it has almost become a rite of passage in our society. Walking down the street or sitting outside with a Vanilla Latte in hand whilst sporting an over-sized pair or Ray-bans through which the coffee-lover casually peruses a social media […]

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Mumble Rap

“HakunamatataSIMBAandhisFATHA HisnamebeMUFASA…HEY”!! That Lion King-esque line above (I got BARZ son!) is similar to what a lot of people hear when they listen to the latest album or single dropped by: “Lil’ Drive-By” or “Lil’ Car Wash” or “Lil’ Bit More Please”…(yeah I made those names up). I just know they’re all LITTLE apparently. But, the point is there are some people […]

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