White Panther

  I went to see Black Panther this past weekend, and though I really do hate to be a “Debbie Downer”, I wasn’t feelin’ it. Was the film a visual marvel (no pun intended)…especially in IMAX 3D? It certainly was. Was it good to see a black SUPER HERO on the silver screen? Indeed. Am, I happy that a predominately black […]

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Code of the Streets (Part 2): White Trash

Being that I spent the majority of my formative years growing up in the “suburbs” in what would probably be considered somewhere between a middle to upper middle-class neighborhood, I bore witness to the ins and outs of the so-called “Middle-Class experience”; which many White Americans already inhabit and to which many Americans in general aspire. Not only […]

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Code of the Streets (Part 1): The Snitch

  snitch sniCH/ informal verb 1. 
an informer. 2. 
inform on someone. “she wouldn’t tell who snitched on me”   One of the many unfortunate results of the numerous topics that I cover on this blog from week-to-week (including the topic discussed in the previous series) is the depraved and warped culture that has been manufactured within certain sectors […]

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Cake (Part 4)

    Let’s just go ahead and get something out of the way from the onset of today’s post. Something that I do not believe the average American of ANY race (including black people) ever really stops to think about. And that is this: The events as described in Part 3 of this series account for almost the […]

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Desperate Housewife of Fox News?

The image above is not a mere figment of a cartoonist’s imagination. While the swastika was the manifestation of a little creative license – Fox News host Laura Ingraham actually struck that pose during a RNC convention back in 2016. Ingraham and the “Commander in Tweet”, Donald Trump, suggested that the negative reaction to what appeared to […]

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Cake (Part 3)

  “Whiteness is an advantage and privilege because you have made it so, not because the universe demands it”. -Dr. Michael Eric Dyson   The “eating of the cake” was the first stage of the American Experiment. It began with explorers claiming to have “discovered” a “New World”. But the problem with this strange fiction was that that “New […]

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Cake (Part 2)

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”. -Dr. Martin Luther King   If you take the time to really absorb the quote above it is deeper than what one may think upon first glance. What the incomparable Dr. King was suggesting is that when someone is SO ignorant that […]

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Cake (Part 1)

I had one of those interesting and unique moments that life occasionally offers up recently. One in which I found out that something I had always thought was one way was in fact another. This interesting moment occurred as I was watching a fascinating mini-series on Netflix called “Manhunt” (if you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend…) that […]

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Orange is the New Black (Part IV)

Maybe you noticed that the images associated with my previous posts in this series began with one that was completely orange? And that slowly but surely each week there was less orange and more black? This was by design on my part. What it signifies is the debunking of myths – the uncovering of truths if […]

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Orange is the New Black (Part III)

Perhaps the most insidious nature of the Prison Industrial Complex (mouthful) is that it is like a Black Hole. Try as one may to put it behind them – the tentacles often refuse to release their powerful grip on those who wish to break free. What’s worse is that RECIDIVISM is actually of an extreme benefit to […]

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