Orange is the New Black (Part II)

  “It simply shows that with sufficient general agreement and determination among the dominant classes, the truth of history may be utterly distorted and contradicted and changed to any convenient fairy tale that the masters of men wish”. – W.E.B. DuBois (The Propaganda of History)   In the aftermath of Hurricaine Katrina when thousands of […]

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Orange is the New Black (Part I)

As of 2014, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, approximately 12–13% of the American population was African-American and yet they made up 35% of the U.S jail population and 37% of the U.S. prison population (total prison population was 2.2 million as of that date). Furthermore, one out of every nine black males between the ages of 20 […]

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Make America Great “Again”?

The four words written in the subject line above have by now been immortalized in the American lexicon. The problem is they have been immortalized in a manner that is so unsavory that they will forever send a chill up & down the spine of those who strongly disagree with the messenger. For many of […]

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Roy Moore vs. Black America (Part II)

Re: Last Week’s Post – it bears repeating…Roy Moore had absolutely no business being elected as the senator of Alabama. Doug Jones was CLEARLY the right decision. Whether you agree with Jones’s policies or not – unlike Moore he does not have a lifestyle that includes criminal activity of the worst kind with a side of bigotry as […]

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Roy Moore vs. White America (Part I)

Last night’s election result in the state of Alabama was remarkable to say the least. Ahead of the election I literally heard emboldened supporters of Moore proclaim with a bombastic arrogance that “Roy Moore will win this election without ANY question”. And, to some degree I believed them – ONLY because I knew they were counting on […]

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“Jimmy V” Racism

I was watching College Gameday on ESPN recently and they began the program with a discussion on cancer and the ongoing fight to find a cure. In the process of that conversation they rolled out a myriad of ESPN analysts and reporters and even head coaches of MAJOR college basketball programs who openly discussed their support for […]

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American Idol

Pride in one’s country is a good thing. In fact, I would argue that in some cases in particular it is almost necessary to excel and be the best. For the Olympic athlete for instance – or for the politician – and certainly for a man or woman serving in the armed forces…it is a distinct […]

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Racism 101: Class is in Session

I often hear individuals who offer up the idea that the solution to racism is in the hands of people on all sides of the equation. These are the people who say stuff like: “Hey, let’s all just put hate aside and love each other”….you know neat little axioms like that. The problem with that philosophy is […]

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A “Hip-Hop” Culture

I am a fan of what I refer to as REAL hip-hop. In particular the 90’s brand which is widely known in hip-hop circles as the “Golden-Era”. This was an era that saw the debut of artists like Tupac and Biggie (R.I.P). Wu-Tang Clan and A Tribe Called Quest. Jay-Z – Nas – Outkast – […]

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