About The Oreos

Welcome to Talking Oreos. A blog that was created to analyze and discuss issues surrounding race relations in America. Why oreos? Sort of an odd name for a blog about race huh? Ok, I admit it. But the idea is that we often see a large divide between black and white perspectives (colors that are found in an oreo) regarding hot button topics that arise in the media, in the political arena, and in our own communities and neighborhoods. And that specific divide between black and white is where there appears to be the biggest challenge in this country regarding race.

Given what seems to be a recent spike in the number of troubling scenarios surrounding race, I felt the need to discuss issues that are normally avoided in public settings. These are issues that are taboo – that people often deny even exist – and that are swept under the proverbial rug. While seeds of racial tension are deeply rooted within the soil of this relatively young nation it is still possible to dig them up and come to terms with a dark past in America (racially speaking). We will then be able to plant new seeds of understanding – of love – that create a brighter future.

I also chose the name based on the fact that what I hope to offer in this forum is food for thought. Hopefully after consuming and then digesting those thoughts – you will be compelled to think – to change – to grow –  to act – and then to help lead a quest towards peaceful and profound resolutions to some very complex problems. It has often been said that “if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem”. So I hope you will assist me in starting some discussions that will in turn inspire us all to seek those solutions.

If you eat just the cookie portion of an oreo it will taste pretty good. If you only eat the creme – tasty enough as well. But really either/or misses the mark on its own. However, when you place the two together – take a bite – you then realize that you have something special. That combination is what makes an oreo an oreo. And I submit that if America can come together – if we can work to bridge the gap between races – this country can be special as well. But until that happens we are sadly just missing the mark.

Please join me each Monday when I will submit a new post and feel free to share this blog with others as well if you find this content interesting. Now let’s talk oreos…

Thanks, Rodney

A disclaimer: this blog will primarily be focused on insights concerning race relations based on my perspective as an African-American, simply because that is my reality. However, I will not be afraid to tackle issues outside of that context if I am innately compelled to do so and feel that I am capable. And I also invite any insights from individuals of all races should you decide to comment or ask questions along the way. Because with out the contributions of everyone across the spectrum – without the sharing of your insights, fears, doubts, or suggestions – we cannot make any progress in this country.

While I won’t be able to cover all aspects of a given topic for brevity’s sake (though the posts may be a little longer than “typical” blogs given the complexity of various topics) – I hope to still provide content that is substantive. And hopefully you’ll continue the conversation with your friends – loved ones – colleagues and so on – in order to discuss other areas this format will not allow me to cover.

 More than a blog. It’s a movement.