A Hot Cup of Racism

  A lot of people pass through the doors of Starbucks each and every day all across America. You might say it has almost become a rite of passage in our society. Walking down the street or sitting outside with a Vanilla Latte in hand whilst sporting an over-sized pair or Ray-bans through which the coffee-lover casually peruses a social media […]

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Mumble Rap

“HakunamatataSIMBAandhisFATHA HisnamebeMUFASA…HEY”!! That Lion King-esque line above (I got BARZ son!) is similar to what a lot of people hear when they listen to the latest album or single dropped by: “Lil’ Drive-By” or “Lil’ Car Wash” or “Lil’ Bit More Please”…(yeah I made those names up). I just know they’re all LITTLE apparently. But, the point is there are some people […]

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Fox News vs. CNN (Our Cultural Divide)

Fox News and CNN both got’ what some people used to call “Probs” (a.k.a. PROBLEMS)! Today we are going to discuss Fox News which is undoubtedly the worst of the two where issues of RACE are concerned (the focus of this blog of course). But, Fox News is also a rampant purveyor of falsehoods. Or, at best, intentionally presents misleading information. The following […]

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Weird Religion: White Evangelicals

  Noted Christian leader and pastor John MacArthur  said in a panel discussion (click here to listen to the 2:00 excerpt) that although he was voting for Donald Trump, he was actually NOT voting for Donald Trump, but rather a “world view” closer to scripture than Trump’s opponent. Huh…🤔?? That’s like eating an entire steak & cheese burrito and […]

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Weird Science: The American Experiment

  If it’s true that the American Experiment is based upon the hypothesis that “All men are created equal”… …I hate to be the bearer of bad news: but this experiment has gone terribly wrong. Black Americans, after all, have been pushed to the margins – discriminated against writ large – and have been the recipients of some of the most […]

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50 Shades of Black

Do you know any ONE person who is qualified to determine exactly which flavor of ice cream is THE best? If so, then whatever flavor they suggest should become the ONLY flavor available in ALL the ice cream parlors across this nation, right? And while we’re at it, maybe you know someone who can decide for everyone […]

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The Works!

I get the feeling that the average American citizen who does not spend much time around black people has a very basic idea about who we are…what we like and ARE like…what we are capable of or how capable we are; and they DEFINITELY have a basic idea about how we truly view the world. In other words, they underestimate […]

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The Missing Piece

  I just realized something recently that even as it hit me…it overwhelmed me. That realization was this: As a black man in America – given the current state of affairs – it is impossible to feel entirely whole unless you accept or turn a blind eye to the status quo: which I simply cannot do. This was […]

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White Panther

  I went to see Black Panther this past weekend, and though I really do hate to be a “Debbie Downer”, I wasn’t feelin’ it. Was the film a visual marvel (no pun intended)…especially in IMAX 3D? It certainly was. Was it good to see a black SUPER HERO on the silver screen? Indeed. Am, I happy that a predominately black […]

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