Fox News vs. CNN (Our Cultural Divide)

Fox News and CNN both got’ what some people used to call “Probs” (a.k.a. PROBLEMS)! Today we are going to discuss Fox News which is undoubtedly the worst of the two where issues of RACE are concerned (the focus of this blog of course). But, Fox News is also a rampant purveyor of falsehoods. Or, at best, intentionally presents misleading information. The following […]

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Orange is the New Black (Part IV)

Maybe you noticed that the images associated with my previous posts in this series began with one that was completely orange? And that slowly but surely each week there was less orange and more black? This was by design on my part. What it signifies is the debunking of myths – the uncovering of truths if […]

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Orange is the New Black (Part III)

Perhaps the most insidious nature of the Prison Industrial Complex (mouthful) is that it is like a Black Hole. Try as one may to put it behind them – the tentacles often refuse to release their powerful grip on those who wish to break free. What’s worse is that RECIDIVISM is actually of an extreme benefit to […]

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Make America Great “Again”?

The four words written in the subject line above have by now been immortalized in the American lexicon. The problem is they have been immortalized in a manner that is so unsavory that they will forever send a chill up & down the spine of those who strongly disagree with the messenger. For many of […]

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Roy Moore vs. White America (Part I)

Last night’s election result in the state of Alabama was remarkable to say the least. Ahead of the election I literally heard emboldened supporters of Moore proclaim with a bombastic arrogance that “Roy Moore will win this election without ANY question”. And, to some degree I believed them – ONLY because I knew they were counting on […]

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American Idol

Pride in one’s country is a good thing. In fact, I would argue that in some cases in particular it is almost necessary to excel and be the best. For the Olympic athlete for instance – or for the politician – and certainly for a man or woman serving in the armed forces…it is a distinct […]

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Free Meek Mill

Here we go again. Another young black man who finds himself the victim of what is an unquestionably corrupt criminal justice system in America. Robert Rihmeek Williams, aka “Meek Mill” is a well known hip-hop artist who was recently sentenced to a 2 – 4 year prison sentence for a “probation violation” regarding a crime he allegedly […]

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The Aftermath (Part II)

On the heels of (Part I) posted on Monday I want to discuss Black America’s role as I see it @ the rebuilding of our community as a whole in the Aftermath of the debilitating “natural disaster” that has unfolded here in America. To begin with I want to reiterate that the steps outlined in […]

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Fake News

At the risk of stating the obvious I dare say: we live in strange times. A time in which the truth is now open to interpretation and any particular subject of fact is now “up for debate”. To begin with – atop our society – sitting within the auspices of the highest office of our […]

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