Racial Code: The “Lesser Man”

Less Than


Note: I know on Monday I said I was going to post that day’s intended submission today – however circumstances surrounding our President’s decision to double-down on ignorance compelled me to share the following words instead:


The strategy that made Donald Trump’s ascent to the highest possible office in our land was not revolutionary or groundbreaking. Black people in particular knew exactly what he was doing  because we’d seen it COUNTLESS times before. Of George Wallace, reputed racist, who once while governor attempted to disregard a federal mandate integrating schools in Alabama by literally standing in the entrance to a school to block access to black students, a fellow Alabama politician (who was a supporter of his) once said the following about comments he’d made as he ran for the presidency:


“He can use all the other issues – law and order, running your own schools, protecting property rights – and never mention the word race. But people will know he’s telling them ‘A nigger’s trying to get your job, trying to move into your neighborhood.’ What Wallace is doing is talking to them in a kind of shorthand, a kind of code.”


Not long after that scenario Richard Nixon questioned the civil-rights agenda that had been put forth by then president LBJ as he (Nixon) was gearing up for his own presidential run:


“Why have ghetto riots and a rise in crime, welfare dependency, illegitimacy, drug use, and joblessness followed the civil-rights revolution?”…Nixon wondered aloud. 

His answer to his own question: “There is no structural problem of race or class, only excesses on the part of bleeding heart liberalism”. 


Once again these were code words aimed directly at racist hearts who were susceptible to vicious lies due to the unbridled ignorance running rampant across the country. Ignorance that dated back to our nation’s inception. Just imagine living at that time and hearing Nixon’s words even as lynching and segregation was an institution. And yet a candidate for the PRESIDENCY had the nerve to say that there was no “structural problem of race” – and even more dumbfounding it worked! Nixon had successfully employed what had come to be known as the “southern strategy”. A strategy to appeal to xenophobic fears and baseless “rationalies” by directing unfounded theories in the direction of White America.

It actually reared its ugly head again when in 1980 Ronald Regan launched his campaign for the presidency at the Neshoba County Fair in of all places Philadelphia, Mississippi – the same town where three civil rights activists had been murdered by racist bigots. It was there that he posited his own form of racial code when asked about enforcing previously instituted civil-rights initiatives: “I believe in State’s rights”. A deliberate message or eye-wink to the old-boy network signaling that he would not let the federal government intervene in the business of states in the south to stop them from doing what they’d always done to that point: abridge and nullify the rights of black citizens. Jesse Jackson while speaking at Harvard Law School during Regan’s administration asked if the students there knew where Regan had opened his campaign and no one in the room had even heard of Philadelphia, Mississippi – much less realized he started off in that town. Jackson responded: “If even the brightest among us do not uncover these signals, who will”?

It’s safe to say Regan – as a former TV star from Hollywood – did not choose a random town in the deep south where controversy over the murder of civil-rights activists had caused a national outcry because of its cosmopolitan appeal and irresistible night life. Nor for its dense population (even today there’s barely 7,000 people living there) of voters whose sheer numbers could boost his campaign. And if anyone doubted his intentions at the time (or doubts them in 2017) and most informed minds did not incidentally – it was kind of hard for his apologists to explain away his refusal to denounce his Klu Klux Klan endorsement for a week’s time – he finally did so only because public outcry forced his hand (sound familiar?).

Jesse Jackson’s (like him or not) point at Harvard Law was a profound one. The southern strategy can only work if its intended audience is unaware (ignorant) – uneducated on issues of race – or simply racist. And for those who utilize or adhere to the argument in 2017 that the “past is in the past” and that we have “moved on from those days”Our current President employed that SAME “southern strategy” in his run for office. And, though no one thought it could work – believing that we are not living in the 60s or even the 80s anymore for that matter – it was obviously successful. Donald J. Trump is our 45th president because he – like Wallace – like Nixon – like Regan – and so many other politicians of all sorts before him appealed to prejudiced and racist idealogy living in the hearts and minds of more Americans than many of us believed still existed.

Of the many highly questionable  statements Trump made on the campaign trail here are just a few:


“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. … They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people”. ( Note he ASSUMED some were good people!).


“I would build a great wall — and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me — and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall…”


“Islam hates us,” he said in an interview on CNN (drawing little distinction between the religion and radical Islamic terrorism).

After making that statement Trump was subsequently asked if the hate was “in Islam itself,” and said: “that’s for the media to figure out”.


These are some pretty polarizing statements. And the question one has to ask their self – that is if they TRULY want to assess the motivation behind these types of divisive words is: who exactly is he speaking to? Because he was trying to win an election after all. And it does not take a rocket scientists to right off the bat exclude Latinos and Muslims. Black people and Asians certainly would not respond to that kind of rhetoric. Indian people? Don’t think so. I can only think of one race – collectively speaking – that this type of racially charged language would appeal to. I don’t even have to say it do I?

And what is particularly disturbing and telling is that when he appealed to White Middle and Working Class Americans – he did so in a way that spoke to the “lesser man” within them. Stoking fear about Mexicans crossing the border to rape, rob, and pillage. Demonizing those of Muslim faith. He also – though not listed above – talked about black people and crime – and how we “have nothing to lose”. It worked – but it is pretty damn lousy if you ask me. And to be honest this is not so much and indictment of Trump as it is one on the American people. Because Donald Trump…the “loud and foul mouthed-apolitically correct-traveling circus” entity – would not have been possible had the electorate who voted him into office demanded better from someone seeking to run this country. You can talk about how he said he was bringing jobs back all day long. Donald Trump the candidate – sans the racially charged rhetoric – would not be our 45th president. After all was said and done THAT rhetoric – that coded language – was his foremost appeal to White-America.

We can demand greatness over mediocrity. We can demand respect over disrespect. We CAN kill the “southern strategy” and any other method that does not appeal to the “GREATER man” who also resides within each of us. Otherwise I fear that we are about to witness a further descent into chaos. Unless we check ourselves as a nation we will witness the proverbial chickens coming home to roost because of the sins of the father. The writing is on the wall. Let’s demand that America becomes the best version of herself – that she come out of denial – and that she supersede and purge herself of  her racist inclinations once and for all.





 Oreos to go:  Steve Bannon recently said he thinks the racial issues that have arisen are good for the President. Let’s you know who and what he thinks about Trump’s base.

More than a blog. It’s a movement.


Though there is much more that could be said, I will have to stop for now. But hopefully you will continue the conversation in your living rooms, at your places of worship, and even with that person of another race you just met as you were walking down the street in your neighborhood.

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Get Your House in Order

White House

Disclaimer: I originally intended to post today about a completely different subject but could not ignore the issues of race at the forefront on this Monday morning on a blog that is in fact about race. So for the second week in a row I will post a second time later in the week (which in this case will be what I had intended to post today). 

This is actually my second effort on this subject matter. I wrote another entry in which I went after the President for side-stepping and doing the old “rope-a-dope” @ his failure to call out White Supremacy for what it is when he addressed the media regarding the fiasco that went down in Virginia. However, I decided to scrap it because at this point that just seems a bit cliché after the media and countless political pundits have already roasted and skewered him all weekend long for his comments which were no doubt deficient of the requisite substance to sufficiently denounce such a blatant display of hatred as witnessed in Charlottesville. And besides – if you are reading these words and don’t know or will not acknowledge that fact to begin with – not sure anything I could write will awaken the better man within (though I will continue trying).

So I am going another way with this post today and am going to focus on the solution aspect. Unless we experience some type of  follow-up scenario(s) that is tied directly to Charlottesville, VA – in three weeks tops that story like many others of its kind in the past will be all but non-existent. Sure it will be brought up from time to time but the collective conscience and attention of America will shift away to something else in short order. Not to mention that much of America will dismiss this event and its participants as an aberration from the norm as is their custom. They will presume that the sentiments expressed by the White Nationalists are like a rare if not mythical unicorn floating around our society and that like a unicorn these people are basically harmless. Short of Robert E. Lee coming back to life and leaping from the statue at the center of this controversy to lead the Confederates in one last charge against “the Yanks”, some Americans just cannot admit racism is an issue in 2017. And it is precisely that exact set of beliefs – that perspective – that is the epicenter of the problem we face with progressing and transcending racial issues in America.

Newsflash: If you are someone who thinks that way YOU are part of the problem. In a sense you might as well have been standing there with the KKK and the neo-Nazis chanting whatever the hell it is they were saying because they depend on people just like you for their continued existence. If White America as a whole – as the majority race in possession the lion’s share of power – stops pretending that we do not have a race problem in America and decides that it WILL NOT accept white supremacy in any form…THE WORLD as we know it will change. And change for the better. Notice I didn’t say the country – I said the world and I did not stutter. And that is not hyperbole either. Why would I make so bold a statement? It’s not because of some special gift White America possesses. No individual race does. I say it rather because together and UNITED as Americans I have no doubt that we can shout the refrain of Marianne Williamson from the highest mountain top: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us”. We have as of yet to see America at its best in the light – truly living out the ideals to which it claims to aspire – in large part because white supremacist beliefs and practices have not yet been deconstructed. America has not been afraid of the dark – it has been afraid of the light.

You know I am an avid fan of hip-hop. A fan who happened to grow up in what is often referred to as the golden era of that genre: which is to say the 90s. So we are talking about Nas – A Tribe Called Quest – Wu-Tang Clan – Biggie Smalls – Snoop – Dre – KRS one – and the Fugees…just to name a few of the BEASTS that came out while I was yet a young pup. At the risk of sounding like an “old head” as they say – the current state of hip-hop is not the same as it was when I was on the come up. Though we have a few dope artists in the new school – I am sad to report that the originality – the content – the freshness of hip-hop has been replaced with messages of shootin’ up the spot and cookin’ in the trap. But you know what? It’s our fault as the listening audience. If the garbage being offered to consumers did not sell – the rappers would be forced to produce a better product.

White Supremacy is a product that much like bad music would not be possible in any form if the listening and viewing audience did not allow for it to be purchased or sold for that matter.  And we as a nation must FINALLY unite in this regard. Hate – discrimination – stereotypes – bigotry – all of this and more must no longer be fashionable to listen to in America. It is time for Americans to finally say “enough is enough”. Time to say: “We don’t want to hear that ish’ “no more”! Otherwise – you mark my word: more hate-filled rallies are going to come. More people are going to lose their lives in the streets. More presidents are going to tap dance around calling down to the mattress what is clearly domestic terrorism and racist organizations bent on creating division and chaos. Organizations whose philosophical disposition is hate-filled and represents the worst of this nation. This is not their country..it is ours. They are not the representation of America…we are.

Harry Truman once said in regard to America’s attempts to promote democracy around the world that: “Our case for democracy will be as strong as we can make it. It should rest on practical evidence that we have been able to put our own house in order”. He had a profound point. Much as was the case in his era – America today purports to be a beacon of freedom and an example to the world. But – and despite of his own racist tendencies – Truman knew that America was a fraud racially speaking. After all, this nation was championing freedom to other nations in the 1960s even while black people here at home could not sleep in “White Only” hotels or eat at “White Only” restaurants. And as is the case in the modern era – too many people back then were silent though they knew this was wrong. Let’s not be silent any longer. As Truman suggested let’s get our house in order. Let’s make sure that our actions match the words detailing freedom found within our hallowed constitution.

 You are reading these words today for a reason friend – you did not arrive here by accident. Share this post with your brother or sister. Share it with your co-worker and your neighbor. Share it with that person you know has some questionable views on this matter. We must have these conversations and end the silence. We must debunk the old wives tales and myths surrounding race. We must get our own house in order if this long and difficult story is to have a happy end.





 Oreos to go:  Thoughts and prayers to the family of Heather Heyer who lost her life this weekend in the struggle for justice and equality in America.

More than a blog. It’s a movement.


Though there is much more that could be said, I will have to stop for now. But hopefully you will continue the conversation in your living rooms, at your places of worship, and even with that person of another race you just met as you were walking down the street in your neighborhood.

And also I do have what I think is another interesting plate of cookies on a platter for next Monday (you can share via social media buttons below), when I hope you will join me again to talk some more oreos. 

Mutiny: The Confederate Flag


I honestly cannot even believe that in 2017 we have a sector of American society that attempts to justify the continued flying of the Confederate flag on any public grounds. As is the case with all revisionist historians in America regarding any subject: these individuals attempt to edit out the ugly parts of our nation’s past and dwell on their “alternative-theory” perspectives. Fact: The Civil War was a result of numerous states which were based mainly in the “old south” deciding to succeed from the Union (now known as the United States). And, in the process they also formed a “Confederate” army to take up arms against said Union – that they might overthrow the government. This decision was not based upon some righteous cause or in order to free themselves from the grips of a brutal dictator or oppressive regime. To the contrary: the Confederates engaged in treason because of laws that were passed which they simply deemed to be counter to their “best interests”. Chief among those interests – you understand – was the continuation of slavery as the cornerstone of their economy and the maintaining of plantations upon which black people were brutalized in order that they might build an economic empire.

When the Confederate Army took up arms in an act of unparalleled (before or since) treachery in America (other than slavery perhaps which they were fighting over to begin with) – they then operated under the flag (true it changed designs a few times but all versions are connected to the same cause) that is pictured above. The justification – the unmitigated hypocrisy that is “the attempt to put a positive spin on the events and circumstances that surround that flag”…is the very definition of White Supremacy.

Furthermore, the fact that the government (on both the state and federal level) has not long since removed all traces of its presence from any public setting and denounced the flag as an insult is the definition of White Privilege. I dare say that if the Black Lives Matter movement formed a militia to start out against the United States government and waged a war under a flag of its own making it would be comical to even dream within the privacy of one’s own personal thoughts to fly that flag in a public park where kids are frolicking in the grass and eating ice cream. Or what about the “jihadist flag”. Should we fly it on the grounds of the 9/11 attack in NYC; in order to “remember” what happened? After all according the proponents of the Confederate Flag we can’t erase history right??

This is a ludicrous subject to even still be entertaining in the 21st century. It is both appalling and mind-boggling at the same time. One does not get to be selective about what parts of history they want to recollect and about who is allowed to do so based on skin color. I really don’t care how some random white dude in Alabama (we’ll call him “Earl”) tries to remember and envelope “General” Robert E. Lee in a flattering light. The fact remains, despite “Earl’s” delusions of grandeur, that had Lee and those who thought the way he did at the time had their way – the U.S. Government and the President of the United States himself would have been toppled in act of mutiny. In turn, the Emancipation Proclamation would have been shredded and the institution of slavery would have been reinstated by the Confederacy; a Confederacy that would have subsequently assumed power no-less. You cannot now – at this late hour – disassociate that flag from the truth of its creators’ insidious militaristic and ideological endeavors which led to a long and brutal internecine war (the bloodiest in American history).

Despite all of that ugly and undeniable history, a faction of Americans have the audacity to either protest the flag’s removal – or maybe even worse – there’s another faction who knows better but sits back in silence as the confederate flag yet flies. Mind you now: they will jump up and down screaming & kicking when a ‘Colin Kaepernick’ takes a knee during the National Anthem to peacefully protest against police brutality, even as they quietly observe from afar the debate about a Confederate Flag that symbolizes a previous attempt to sack the Union; not to mention that it was a vicious affront to the stars and stripes they claim Kaepernick is disrespecting. And those same people call the children of the Black Lives Matter movement “thugs and hooligans”, while meanwhile sitting out the argument against raising a flag that is inextricably bound to the “thugs and hooligans” who killed countless soldiers of these United States because they wanted black people to continue picking cotton. Black people who had of course to-date been savagely whipped – lynched – raped – and demoralized on a daily basis by those thugs. What a joke. What a JOKE!! I mean you cannot be serious? To pretend even for a second – that White America (speaking @ those white people who think that way or who are silent – not all white people) is not straight up trippin’  in this regard is dumbfounding at best.

I can’t stand for it, so I won’t. Instead, I’ll take a knee with the ‘Kaepernicks’ of the world and fight against racism as long as I live because this has got to stop. This double standard is exactly why people of color in this country continue to suffer the consequences of discrimination and inequality right in front of the blind eyes of those who refuse to see the truth. And THAT state of denial is the real issue here by the way. What I am focusing on today is not so much about the Confederate Flag itself – necessarily – as it is about the fairy tale that has been conceived as a justification for allowing it to fly in the face of people who are understandably insulted by its presence. Because that same fairy tale – that same mentality and avoidance of reality – that same hypocritical disposition – seeps into every single facet of society which includes many facets that have had dire consequences for decades by now.

That the veil might be lifted – that the cataract of denial which has for far too long clouded the truth be removed from the affected pupils – that the darkness might be permanently banished by a red hot revealing light. It is time for this nation to be born again. Time to dispense with the old man and become a new creature. We must be born again.





 Oreos to go:  Why not fly the Swastika Flag in public parks and on government grounds across Germany and erect statues of Hitler and the leaders of concentration camps – just as a friendly reminder and also since some Germans’ granddads fought with valor in the 3rd Reich…


More than a blog. It’s a movement.


Though there is much more that could be said, I will have to stop for now. But hopefully you will continue the conversation in your living rooms, at your places of worship, and even with that person of another race you just met as you were walking down the street in your neighborhood.

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Ebola: The “Common Cold” of White America




I was watching some show or another on television recently – can’t remember what it was – in which the subject of the long since forgotten-by-now Ebola scare that briefly captured the collective worry of U.S. citizens was recounted. As health experts in our nation quickly moved to contain what they hoped would not become an epidemic here in America – cases that appeared state-side were thoroughly documented. There were only a few, but I distinctly remember something that struck me as odd. And that was the fact that White Americans who were diagnosed (some were people who had gone to Africa to help with Ebola-stricken patients there) – to a man – survived the disease post-treatment. They were placed above swiftly chartered flights – brought back to the U.S. where they received around-the-clock treatment under quarantine – and despite daunting odds – were back on their feet in due time.

On the other hand the Black Americans (that I recall anyway) who were stricken with the very same disease died in their quarantined state in American hospitals. The alternate fates between black and white Ebola patients summarily became the subject of half-hearted jokes in the black community. We were wondering and commenting among ourselves about how: “those white folks were back at work in a week but those “negroes” aint make it out the hospital”!! And just to be clear we did wonder if this was not by design. The sad truth is that that kind of dark comedy or commentary  if you will – is a means of laughing to keep from crying. It is a way – on the part of black people – to sooth the pain of always receiving the short end of the stick. That months-long Ebola episode was just a trailer for what has been season after season of a really bad reality TV show that many African-Americans hope will come to an end soon and finally be cancelled.

Another show I recently watched and that I do remember well – aired a couple weekends ago. It was a CNN special chronicling the lives of individuals that the network deemed “Heroes” for what was essentially philanthropic work in under-served communities. I guess for some it may have been heart-warming, but for me it was actually heart-BREAKING. My heart broke because it seemed all of the under-served communities were filled with individuals who looked like me and all the “heroes” didn’t. This dynamic – mind you – is not due to random happenstance nor is it simply the product of a “free-market”. The chief perpetrator of this crime against humanity – this drastic disparity in the fortunes of American lives – is in fact racism and its many ugly faces that have dogged U.S. history. The tenants of white supremacy – and the execution thereof – have ultimately led directly to the scenarios depicted on the CNN Heroes special and that is what CNN ought to be documenting in my opinion.

A discussion based in truth about how we got here to begin with will do far more good than an art program in the hood such as the one described (among other good deeds) during that aforementioned special. While art programs are great – if those who are in a position of power and who produce programs on major network platforms will help to create reality-based content surrounding issues of race – a major shift away from the counterfeit reality that has been perpetuated for centuries will finally begin to transpire in America. We would witness a revolution of the collective conscious of America on both a micro and macro level – and THAT is how we can truly bring about change. And then like a line of dominoes – all the other chips will fall from there…including new art programs in “the hood” incidentally.

It’s true – the whole Ebola victims vs. survivors scenario may have just coincidentally been in the favor of the white people who contracted the virus. Perhaps the black people who got hemmed up just had a string of bad luck? But the problem is that string of bad luck is unfortunately not isolated to that one event. And it is actually more like a rope than a string – one that has strangled communities of color throughout this country’s history. So if Black America was paranoid about the Ebola predicament you’ll just have to forgive us. Because the truth is: far too many negative circumstances have befallen people of color for any reasonable mind to believe that the social ills we face is all on our shoulders or a figment of our imaginations. That is IF one truly wants to see the light.

I look forward to the day when I don’t have to question whether or not people of color are getting a raw deal in ANY circumstance. Where no more bad jokes have to be told at the barbershop to keep from crying. Not sure when we’ll get there… but we WILL get there.





 Oreos to go:  Article detailing the first American death that was the result of Ebola:



More than a blog. It’s a movement.


Though there is much more that could be said, I will have to stop for now. But hopefully you will continue the conversation in your living rooms, at your places of worship, and even with that person of another race you just met as you were walking down the street in your neighborhood.

And also I do have what I think is another interesting plate of cookies on a platter for next Monday (you can share via social media buttons below), when I hope you will join me again to talk some more oreos. 

Poor & Working Whites (The Forgotten Race)


One of the very odd occurrences of this past presidential election was actually not unique to the presidential campaign between Clinton and Trump. This peculiar dynamic has transpired for decades if not centuries. Namely, we have had for some time now a scenario in which much of the poor white and/or the “white working class” (a.k.a. “Middle-America”) votes for candidates whose policies are in direct opposition with their own self-interests. It would appear that they are so focused on xenophobic idealism – on religious or pious zeal – and to be quite frank…on prejudiced biases – that they enter the election booth and pull a lever (or trigger if you will) that shoots their own foot. While it is a popular subject in American politics (and in general) to talk about how black people supposedly vote for individuals who don’t care about them – this subject surrounding the predisposition of “Middle America” is rarely if ever discussed in the mainstream.

For reasons we do not have time to unpack many white Americans are so attached to narratives that are drawn for them by the powers that be (Fox News for example) that they can’t see the forest for the trees. I call them the “forgotten race”. And this forgotten race either does not care or does not realize that when people they deem to be their champions… speak out against say… publicly funded programs for “that single mom of three”…they are actually speaking out against the types of programs that assist their own family! When someone like Donald Trump says, “Let’s Make America Great Again”, it is not just about “kicking out those Mexicans” – which “Joe from Idaho” might happen to agree with – it’s also about Joe being dropped from his healthcare coverage because he had pre-existing condition. It’s about the hourly wage he makes at the local factory remaining eternally at a meager rate. And, yet, Joe will step right up and vote for detrimental politicians and policies at his own expense.

There is a profound and fundamental piece to this whole equation that is at the core of race in America. It is the driving force that divides us along lines of color. At its core it is built upon a principle that to-date values a “white-washed America” above all else. And by that I mean that ideals that are tied to what has become “European-American” culture (right to bear arms – immigration reform – small government  – “Christian” morals), have become a manifesto of sorts that motivates people to make decisions that are self-destructive and then stand up and cheer believing they are “Making America Great Again”. I call these people the “forgotten race”, not only because of the fact that the political and economic forces of our nation have forgotten them (taken them for granted), but the truth is they have forgotten themselves.

The issues we face today in America know no color. Morals and values…know no color. At the same time, unfortunately, the social ills of America are more pervasive in communities of color for the very reasons I outlined above. But, one of the many avoided truths in America is that in the process of creating that scenario at the voting polls, many have damned themselves as well. Instead of presenting our political leaders with a united front, “we the people” have allowed issues of race to divide us. This is not a white issue or a black issue. It is not a latino – middle-eastern – or asian issue. This is a moral and American issue. 

The question is: Moving forward how do we confront these problems from a standpoint of truth? And, one way is to tackle our race problem in this country so that people are no longer blinded or motivated to vote for policies for the wrong reasons. Too many lies have been forged that demonize particular races and those lies are disguised in this country as “good-old-fashioned American principles”. As principles that will make America “Great Again”. When the reality is America needs to address some here-to-for old dogmas and stereotypes that have driven a wedge not only between races but the haves and the have notsthat is if we truly want to be great. And less we forget – the have nots includes those of the “forgotten race”.


 Oreos to go: Bad policies know no color…

More than a blog. It’s a movement.

Though there is much more that could be said, I will have to stop for now. But hopefully you will continue the conversation in your living rooms, at your places of worship, and even with that person of another race you just met as you were walking down the street in your neighborhood.

And also I do have what I think is another interesting plate of cookies on a platter for next Monday (you can share via social media buttons below), when I hope you will join me again to talk some more oreos. 



“It’s a delicate situation. Racism, we know, exists. You try not to put yourself in a position, for me as a father, I try to give my kids the blueprint on how life is going to be. But at the end of the day, I can only tell them so much and then they have to go out and live it themselves”.
– Lebron James


Click below to watch video and then I have some thoughts on the matter below that.



Posting this on the heels of my submission earlier this week entitled: “Race vs. Class”. The video above vividly illustrates in many ways the point I wanted to make in that blog post, which is that the issues surrounding our racial divide in America supersede class. If class were truly the nexus of this aged issue – LBJ would surely qualify as someone who would escape the type of scenario that transpired at his home in Los Angeles over the course of the last 24 to 48 hours.

Here is a young man who has by all accounts been as stellar off the floor as he has been on it (which is a mouthful). Here is an individual who was simply minding his own business and taking care of his responsibilities as not only a world-class basketball player headed to the NBA finals – but more importantly as a husband and a father. And, yet, here we go again with another malicious act performed against a black person in America (“the home of the free and the land of the brave”) for no good reason, whatsoever.

Now, despite this blatantly disrespectful and wildly uncalled for derogatory act in which someone spray painted the word “N@&$er” on the front entrance of his home – we all know the inevitable reaction that will come from the apologists among us. “This was just a bad apple”. “Probably some idiot on drugs”. “This was just someone who wanted to get attention or who wants to stir up racial tensions”. And that load of crap right there is exactly how America has managed to avoid the truth about race since its inception. It’s how America avoids engaging in legitimate discourse regarding the truth that racism is in fact alive and well in this country. One has to ask their-self how many so called “isolated incidents” have to occur before someone finally stands the hell up and says “we got ourselves a problem”??

While this incident was disturbing – and it to put it plainly: it just really sucks – Lebron James will be ok at the end of the day. He is wealthier than most and undoubtedly wields untold power by way of his influence and prestigious position upon the national and international stage. But, there are countless other black folks whose names and stories are not going to trend on social media when they encounter far worse scenarios than the unfortunate event Lebron experienced. And when they face their nightmarish dilemma – and at this rate they certainly will – it will be for one reason and one reason only. They are an African-American.

Money or no money – educated or uneducated – black people in this country cannot curtail the depravity of the racist heart that beats in the chests of far too many Americans in every state and in every city across this nation. However, if America will finally, as a whole, come to terms with its  long-standing issue of racism. If we will – each of us – be willing to participate in an open and honest discussion (as LBJ admirably did in the video above – was not concerned about his “brand”)  – we CAN change the narrative together. We can deconstruct the stereotypes…we can recognize the vicious legacy of white supremacy and meet it head on…we can decide to set the record straight regarding the predicament we face and how it came into existence.

I look forward to celebrating that day despite the odds stacked against us and will not give up the fight. But, make no mistake, in order to get there we must first diagnose the problem for what it is. Without an accurate diagnosis it will be impossible to recommend an effective treatment plan. Which means that a complete and thorough examination of our corporate body will be necessary. America needs to allow for an MRI to be performed and in doing so I think she will find  what many of us suspected all along. Unfortunately a cancerous mass of racism has formed in her soul over time. Not only that but it has gone undetected for so long that it has spread throughout her body and treatment must begin immediately. Then and only then can we go into remission and the healing truly begin. And if and when we are able to come to grips with the truth about the gravity of our current circumstances – THAT is when equality in America can finally become a reality.



Oreos to go: Incidents surrounding race in America are not the exception – they are the rule.

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Though there is much more that could be said, I will have to stop for now. But hopefully you will continue the conversation in your living rooms, at your places of worship, and even with that person of another race you just met as you were walking down the street in your neighborhood.

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