Roy Moore vs. White America (Part I)

Last night’s election result in the state of Alabama was remarkable to say the least. Ahead of the election I literally heard emboldened supporters of Moore proclaim with a bombastic arrogance that “Roy Moore will win this election without ANY question”. And, to some degree I believed them – ONLY because I knew they were counting on […]

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Fake News

At the risk of stating the obvious I dare say: we live in strange times. A time in which the truth is now open to interpretation and any particular subject of fact is now “up for debate”. To begin with – atop our society – sitting within the auspices of the highest office of our […]

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LBJ For President?

To begin with it is a shame that within the context of the most powerful and wealthy nation on earth (supposedly built upon the principles of freedom) – more than FIVE HUNDRED YEARS after her inception that a race of people there within find themselves needing to be “led” due to oppressive circumstances. That in and […]

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Agent Orange

It has often been stated that when one assumes the highest office in the United States they immediately become the most powerful individual in the free world. Given the inherent power and position of the United States in the Western Hemisphere and the influence that said hemisphere has on the rest of the globe – […]

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ESPN’s veteran sportswriter and co-host of Sportscenter with Michael and Jemele – Jemele Hill – found herself in the middle of a firestorm this past week after she sent out a tweet in which she wrote: Donald Trump is a white supremacist. This was in response to individuals who had tweeted @ her about any number of race or […]

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Racial Code: The “Lesser Man”

  Note: I know on Monday I said I was going to post that day’s intended submission today – however circumstances surrounding our President’s decision to double-down on ignorance compelled me to share the following words instead:   The strategy that made Donald Trump’s ascent to the highest possible office in our land was not revolutionary […]

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