Fake News


At the risk of stating the obvious I dare say: we live in strange times.

A time in which the truth is now open to interpretation and any particular subject of fact is now “up for debate”. To begin with – atop our society – sitting within the auspices of the highest office of our nation – we have an individual who is willing to make any statement that pops into his head irrespective of the truth in order to appease his inexorable ego. It is extremely odd to watch the leader of this nation try to substitute absolute truth with what White House counselor Kellyanne Conway coined “alternative facts” at the onset of the Trump presidency. And even stranger when the individuals who follow him KNOW that he looks foolish as he dispenses these imaginary tales – and at least to-date – still refuse to admit as much. Let me give you just a few examples.

If you recall…after photos and videos showed a relatively diminutive crowd at his inauguration he went on the record and said: “There were (according to his naked eye you understand) what looked like at least 1.5 million people there that day”. AND THEN he proceeded to have now terminated press-secretary Sean Spicer come out and say: “It was the largest crowd to EVER witness an inauguration both in person AND on TV” (SO BIZZARE 😂!!). Or how about after we ALL saw THE video tape of him on THE bus talking about female genitalia 😳? Trump subsequently addressed the now infamous controversy in the third person: “The lying media is saying Donald Trump doesn’t respect women…I can tell you, everybody knows Donald Trump respects women, ok folks. Nobody respects women more than me….FAKE NEWS”. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico – which he clearly dragged his feet on – he said verbatim: NOBODY could have done what I’ve done for Puerto Rico and with so little appreciation”.

The very audacity to openly offer what are all clearly egregious lies that presuppose the stupidity of his audience (oh that would be us by the way!) is a slap in the face. It undermines Trump’s integrity on just about everything. If he can’t tell the truth about that for which we have clear evidence – or even be able to speak the truth about subjects like “crowd size” which is inconsequential and trivial – how then can we trust him on the issues that actually matter like tax reform – healthcare – military engagements or the hot topic of today regarding the ongoing investigation into Russian ties to his campaign? The irony is that the guy who goes around screaming “Fake News” lies through his teeth on an almost daily basis without even blinking and consequently we have absolutely no idea when he is being truthful.

Now, in the interest of fairness I must admit that although our President is certainly a historically fantastic conveyer of falsehoods and mis-information he is not the only guilty party in this epic saga that is unfolding before our eyes. The mainstream media – as it were – is entirely complicit in this scheme to mis-lead the American public and/or at the very least control the everyday narrative in order to achieve its own desired ends as well. That is to say that if the media has an agenda it wants to push @ any particular cause it fancies: that is precisely what it does. The media will choose said cause – personify it in the form of an endearing “character” – and then appeal to the bleeding hearts of its enraptured audience. This is particularly true in our current political climate where it has declared war in a reprisal against a President who began launching missiles in its direction from the word go; and a President who to its great dismay was successful in deploying dubious but effective methods of undermining their espoused integrity from day one.

So what we have then is a scenario in which we are witnessing – what is in fact an at least sometimes dishonest media (with an established agenda) that has been assaulted by an all too often dishonest President (the likes of which we have never seen). And this just so happens to be a President who also has the most frightful political agenda of my lifetime…one that is unfortunately built upon a racially discriminatory platform that should no doubt be labeled as white nationalism. This I am afraid is a recipe for disaster. When you have a narcissistic commander-in-chief who is also bigoted – stoking flames of hatred that not only embolden individuals who are white supremacists but that also fosters an environment conducive to that ideology – AND – meanwhile a mass media that essentially can do nothing to combat this alarming state of affairs as it itself has been exposed as a pawn in the hands of those who command it do their bidding…things are not going to go well in the intermediate future.

Noam Chomsky may have said it best: “Citizens of the democratic societies should undertake a course of intellectual self-defense to protect themselves from manipulation and control, and to lay the basis for meaningful democracy.” (Please read that quote again). There is a sacrificial lamb that has been slaughtered on the altar of public opinion in the midst of this circus and its name is “the truth”. Truth – integrity – morality – NONE of that matters anymore – at least not to those in power. And to be frank, the reason they all get away with their “wicked schemes” is because we as an American public are collectively the “ignorant masses”. Like sheep being led to the slaughter – we blindly follow the pied piper as he plays his tantalizing tune. We sorely lack the ability to critically assess the issues at hand or the requisite fortitude to educate ourselves and to question the status quo. If Fox News or CNN said it – it must be true. Even worse if Donald Trump had said FIFTEEN million people were at his inauguration – I guarantee when the rest of us looked at his followers with an incredulous look on our faces they would have been like…”What”??

I’d say it’s time – wouldn’t you – to start seeking the truth in ALL these things? It is time for the ride to stop and for each of us to get off and start dealing with the reality that America is nowhere near a perfect union. To the contrary – though some like to pretend that America is a magical kingdom of freedom and justice…filled with edible red white & blue pixie dust – we have to-date forged a society in which many face the severe consequences of inequality. A fact which can only be rectified if we begin to accept the truth about our current state of affairs. Once the majority FINALLY comes to grips with that reality – then and only then can we elect qualified officials and hold those officials accountable and to an ethical standard that is beneficial to all Americans regardless of race or tax bracket. But, this can NEVER happen if America continues to accept the copious lies spoon fed directly into the mouths of the unsuspecting proletariat from the crooked tribunes of our nation.


Final thought: There is only ONE President of these United States. And, when he or the people who are followers of his try to equate his copious lies with that of ANYONE else it is a non sequitur or false equivalency.

For instance: whether or not Hillary Clinton spoke lies last year or used a private email server is irrelevant to Trump’s current job performance because she is not President. Donald J. Trump is and HE is the singular person whose lies are the most dangerous and relevant to our nation given the office he holds. He drives policies – he literally has the ability to start wars at the push of a button – and HE is the person accountable for the direction of our country as President. That is what he signed up for. He said HE was going to “drain the swamp”, so we must hold him accountable for HIS actions. The buck stops with him and him alone.


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More than a blog. It’s a movement.


Though there is much more that could be said, I will have to stop for now. But hopefully you will continue the conversation in your living rooms, at your places of worship, and even with that person of another race you just met as you were walking down the street in your neighborhood.

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LBJ For President?


To begin with it is a shame that within the context of the most powerful and wealthy nation on earth (supposedly built upon the principles of freedom) – more than FIVE HUNDRED YEARS after her inception

that a race of people there within find themselves needing to be “led” due to oppressive circumstances. That in and of itself is a sad commentary on race in America. Black America to this day is in a precarious situation which has perpetuated itself for centuries without ever having been resolved because of various forms of opposition to progress that have been omnipresent at every turn of the mighty struggle that is the fight for justice and equality in America.

White America on the other hand has never had to wrestle with this profound dilemma. I don’t say that to elicit guilt (necessarily) or to simply moan and complain – this is just a fact! Every political structure – economic apparatus – social normative has been in its distinct favor in every conceivable form during the entirety of this so-called American experiment. There has therefore been no need whatsoever for white Americans to even conceive of having to designate a leader outside of those who are a part of conventional power structures because they have always known that those actors will never violate their best interests as a race. Black and brown Americans on the other hand have always known that those very same conventional power structures do not have their best interests in mind – either by design or default.

It is for all of these reasons and more that various members of the modern day black community make attempts to step to the forefront and try to galvanize black Americans as they push forward an agenda that they believe will promote progress in this country. The question today though is: who exactly is it that is the leader of this freedom movement and what should their agenda be? This is especially crucial in present day America where we are lacking overall leadership – generally speaking – in this country as well. The current administration in the White House is chaotic at best. And the head of that Administration has chosen to utilize his bully pulpit to promote division and berate just about anyone who does not share his skin tone. In the middle of all of THAT black people are still searching for their ever elusive civil rights and forced to find leadership in a “leaderless world”.

Today it seems that we have SO many different organizations or entities – many who have great intentions no doubt – (but) who are all sort of doing their own thing. Not only that but we also have individuals that though they certainly should be welcomed (even encouraged) to lend their voices and platforms to “the cause” – they are not necessarily civic leaders equipped to speak for and guide Black America in the direction we need to go. Imagine if you will: Tom Brady or Adam Sandler or Justin Bieber or Blake Shelton being responsible for leading the initiatives of White America. It sounds ridiculous, but this is essentially what happens when Lebron James or Steve Harvey or John Legend or Charles Barkley try to lead the way or speak for black people. And outside of those individuals we have the Black Lives Matters and the Jesse Jacksons and the NAACPs of the world raising their own battle cries. And so as a black man in America I have to be honest… I have not a clue as to who is supposed to be the captain of this ship?!

To be honest I do not believe any of the above ought to be ultimately responsible for spearheading a much needed movement – a movement that would entail a specific and clear agenda. Lebron James is a fantastic athlete who is certainly intelligent and socially conscious, but he cannot be the one on whom Black America relies (though I must say he was awesome in his press conference a couple Mondays ago!) Instead of relying on the best athletes or singers to lead the way – we must create a scenario where we have our best and brightest – including athletes too incidentally (and not just black people by the way) – under “one roof” and led by one leader who is calling the shots. We need a leader with vision who is able to bring people together and who is seeking solely to serve and speak for those who are suffering from the social ills of inequality. This it seems to me is a critical piece that is missing in the complex equation that we need to solve @ racism in America.

Before I let you go can I just say this: we will know that black America has reached the point of equality when we enjoy what is currently – though many try to deny it… “White Privilege”. We will know we have reached the point of equality when we – like White America – do not need a “designated leader” to speak out against oppression. When it will sound just as ridiculous to suggest that an entertainer could be the leader of Black America as it does to suggest that Lady GaGa is the leader of White America. We will know we have arrived when like White America we can be confidant that public policy and politicians have our best interests as a race in mind. When it doesn’t even begin to cross our mind that the American institutions and infrastructure could possibly be against us based on the color of our skin. Don’t look now, but that sounds like a true democracy. Go figure.

Side Note: The NFL athletes who are being pressured to conform to the very same system that oppresses people who look like them are a prime example of why all of the above is so important. While many of them are intelligent – informed – they are still very young and are athletes by occupation. These various players are certainly courageous to kneel despite the backlash that is a result of White Supremacy in America – and should continue their fight – but they should not be ALONE in this struggle for equality. We need a centralized civil-rights coalition to take shape and lead the way. NOW is the time.




 Oreos to go: The aforementioned press conference featuring Lebron:

More than a blog. It’s a movement.


Though there is much more that could be said, I will have to stop for now. But hopefully you will continue the conversation in your living rooms, at your places of worship, and even with that person of another race you just met as you were walking down the street in your neighborhood.

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Agent Orange

Agent Orange

It has often been stated that when one assumes the highest office in the United States they immediately become the most powerful individual in the free world.

Given the inherent power and position of the United States in the Western Hemisphere and the influence that said hemisphere has on the rest of the globe – it would be hard to argue that this is not the case. But, regardless of how one might perceive the pecking order of the POTUS relative to all other world leaders – one thing is for certain – a sitting U.S. President is clothed in immense power.

When Donald Trump first entered into the presidential race back in 2015 I honestly believed like most that he had a better chance of beating Lebron James in a dunk competition than he had of becoming our commander in chief. And once he opened his mouth on the campaign trail I was all the more certain! Even up unto the last hour – after all the drama and the “tightening polls” that suddenly occurred when former FBI Director James Comey inexplicably threw a monkey wrench into the game plan of Hillary Clinton – I thought to myself NO WAY. And if Trump and his team are honest they were thinking “no way” too. Alas, the rest…as they say…is history.

After having been sworn into office on January 20, 2017, Trump had an opportunity to utilize the aforementioned power his office wields in order to be an effective agent for change. An agent for progress and for the common good or public welfare of ALL Americans. He could have also chosen to prove that all of the doubters (like myself) were wrong when we said he was incapable – bigoted – incorrigible – EXTREMELY temperamental. But instead of taking advantage of that opportunity he has fulfilled if not exceeded every single ill-fated expectation those who were in opposition to his apparent philosophical objectives feared. He has been indifferent – boisterous – outlandish – insensitive – tone deaf – unwilling to admit his mistakes and conspicuous offenses. And BECAUSE of all of that his administration has not passed a single piece of substantive legislation to-date.

Beyond all of the above – and most importantly in my opinion – Donald Trump has been an agent of division. Dating back to the campaign trail his use of racially charged rhetoric has been the single most polarizing characteristic of many dubious ones in his possession. He has inflamed a “racialized” trail of social accelerants that have been bubbling right there at our feet for decades. What we needed was a “special” agent and what we got instead was Agent Orange; which is more dangerous than the unassuming caricature some have depicted of a harmless sometimes over the top – orangy colored & funny-haired – “you’re fired” reality TV star that is always telling us everything is “gonna be HUGE”. While Donald Trump is all of those things he has also become the personification of a highly flammable “substance” that ignites controversy and stokes the flames of vitriolic emotions which are not limited to but ESPECIALLY associated with issues of race. In a time when we need a flame retardant in the form of public discussion and constructive debate under the watchful eye of strong leadership – he has instead thrown gasoline (his own self that is) onto the fire.

You know who loses out in all of this? We do. The people of the United States that HE claimed he would make great. Although many of us tried to avoid (forecasted) this disaster that is unfolding before our eyes every single day – we are nonetheless witnessing a raging inferno set ablaze by a serial-arsonist who it appears is all-to-happy to fan the flames. What Trump is apparently failing to realize is that we don’t need a president whose ego is three times the size of his head we need our frickin’ health care! We don’t need a tweet about the Emmy’s we need better and more affordable education for our children. We need well thought out police reform and revised public policies regarding our criminal justice system. We need to know that we won’t go to war simply because our President’s feelings have been hurt!

All of this is particularly important in regards to the most vulnerable among us who are facing very real issues (poverty – police brutality – lay-offs – dilapidated housing) on a daily basis even as we speak. These are the people who are suffering the most and they don’t need nor do they want Agent Orange…they need an agent of change. And to that end I will let you in on a little secret. While many on the far-right believe they have won what has essentially become a culture war – the truth is they merely won the battle. In fact, it could just be that Trump’s divisive agenda and intractable disposition is in and of itself the very catalyst for the change that we need to occur in America. The 45th president may in fact wind up inspiring the individual (“Special Agent”) we’ve all been waiting for to come forth and do that which he himself seems incapable of: finally lead this nation toward the perfection of what is a purported democracy. In that respect Donald Trump is merely the opening act to the main event that is the Revolution of America.





 Oreos to Go: In the interest of laughing so we don’t cry @ Agent Orange: watch video below and every time you hear “the Bears” insert “the Trump Administration” in place of that – and that’s how I (and I’m sure many others) feel! (R.I.P. Dennis Green)

More than a blog. It’s a movement.


Though there is much more that could be said, I will have to stop for now. But hopefully you will continue the conversation in your living rooms, at your places of worship, and even with that person of another race you just met as you were walking down the street in your neighborhood.

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ESPN’s veteran sportswriter and co-host of Sportscenter with Michael and Jemele – Jemele Hill –

found herself in the middle of a firestorm this past week after she sent out a tweet in which she wrote: Donald Trump is a white supremacist. This was in response to individuals who had tweeted @ her about any number of race or political related topics. Immediately the righteous indignation began. You know like: “How dare she call him a racist”?! “She should be fired”! “If a white person said something about a black person, they’d be gone”! “ESPN is a liberal organization and that’s why they are supporting her”. Etc. Etc. Etc.

To begin with I am not quite sure what Donald Trump is if NOT a white supremacist? This is a man who along with his father (his father once attended a Klan rally by the way) would not lease apartments to black people. This is a man who essentially castigated and persecuted five black and latino teenage boys (who were clearly suspects simply because of the color of their skin) for a rape of a white woman that took place in Central Park (they were dubbed the Central Park Five). Donald Trump spent EIGHTY FIVE THOUSAND dollars in full page ads in the newspaper calling for their death. It was ultimately found – fourteen years AFTER their conviction – that they 100% did NOT commit the crime based on DNA and a confession by the actual perpetrator. And did Trump ever apologize or admit any wrong doing? Of course not. In fact upon being confronted with the indisputable evidence he inexplicably doubled down – saying he STILL thought they were guilty!

It was Donald Trump who spearheaded a “birther movement” that claimed former President Barack Obama, who of course was the nation’s first black President, was not born in the United States but rather Kenya. And when Obama eventually produced his LONG FORM birth certificate (more indisputable evidence) just to shut everyone up (especially him) and move on – did Donald Trump apologize or has he admitted any wrong doing to this very day? Once again – of course not!

Fast forward to Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency during which he spewed racially charged rhetoric each and every step of the way – culminating with his arm having to almost be twisted off in order to disavow an official endorsement by the KKK. And when he won based largely upon that xenophobic platform he then stepped up onto said platform and hired the likes of now fired Steve Bannon who is clearly a far right-wing fanatic (among other dubious characters in his employ) to help shape his public policy and political ideology. And unfortunately I am not done yet because believe it or not he followed ALL of that up with his recent detached response to the infamous neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville – an event that included a vicious attack on DeAndre Harris and the loss of Heather Heyer who was MURDERED after a white supremacist RAN OVER her with his car – and yet our President could not originally bring himself to unequivocally condemn white supremacy. And after having been pressured into eventually doing so he then subsequently back-tracked to his original stance.

So let’s get something straight. If we lived in a society that did NOT in large part adhere to or accept the tenants of white supremacy (even if many don’t realize they are) – a “Donald Trump” could NEVER (“ever ever  ever” as Smokey from Friday would say) have been elected as President of the United States. I know for some this is a tough reality to accept. And the reason it is hard for some to accept is because our culture – our traditions – our intrinsic American DNA has been completely immersed within the deep and turbulent waters of White Supremacy from 1492 up until this very moment. However, for Black Americans (generally speaking): this truth is as clear as broad daylight because we have borne witness to and been the victims of the derivatives of white supremacy in all of its horrible forms for centuries by now. And it is kind of hard to have delusions of grandeur about liberty and equality when you live in a society that would elect someone to the highest office in our land in 2017 despite the dubious resume spelled out above that covers the entire span of their adult life.

Jemele did not say anything that was controversial or foreign to Black America or other people of color. We knew what Trump was from Jump Street because we have seen individuals with his mindset dating back to ante-bellum. The ONLY difference between now and then is that we can speak the truth without fear of hanging from a tree off the side of some dirt road. That is all that Jemele Hill did…she spoke truth to power. And she did so because she – like many of us – is not only frustrated by an electorate that put someone in place who is so utterly lacking @ all the requisite capacities needed to perform the duties of the office he has assumed – but also due to the fact that he disparaged just about every race other than White America in the process. A fact which is only more disappointing than it is infuriating.

What is particularly sad about all of this is directly connected to what I have been preaching time and time again on this blog. And that is the fact that America does not want to have this discussion and so it simply doesn’t and never has in any substantive form. And this is a prime example of how within the context of a white supremacist culture a TV network must  be careful not to alienate their viewers (many of whom who are white males in this instance incidentally) with an in-depth discussion about race. So some executive at ESPN who probably knows Jemele is dead right about Donald Trump – most likely sat her down and said: “We need you to extend an apology and let the public know in no uncertain terms that ESPN has no part of what you said, etc”. Instead of being allowed to defend her position, Jemele was no doubt forced to lie a few days ago and pretend she is sorry for telling the truth. America will therefore now be able to do what it ALWAYS does which is to deny and avoid the truth about racism in this country.

Until we can have these discussions under the revealing light of voices like Jemele’s which are silenced by white supremacy – we will not make any real progress. And that is precisely why we have a racial divide in this country. Despite popular opinion the divide among us is not due to differing perceptions about issues of race –  it is due to a dominant perception about issues of race. A dominant perception that has roamed the social terrain of our nation unchecked from day one – ruthlessly savaging its prey along the way.

How much longer can America avoid talking about the enormous elephant of white supremacy which is standing right there in the middle of the room? I am thoroughly convinced that that is the single most important question of our time. You know it is quite possible that Donald Trump truly believes that he is not a white supremacist. That’s what white supremacy does after all – it’s why it is dangerous on so many levels – especially after having been left unbridled for centuries: It has normalized to much of White America behavior that is completely unacceptable. And that is the reality that not only Jemele but all of Black America is up against every day in this nation. A nation that though you would not know it in many respects – is not just home to White America – but home to Black America and a beautiful cacophony of many other races as well.





 Oreos to go:  Had the victim of the rape in Central Park been a black woman do you think Donald Trump would have taken such a vested interest in that case?

More than a blog. It’s a movement.


Though there is much more that could be said, I will have to stop for now. But hopefully you will continue the conversation in your living rooms, at your places of worship, and even with that person of another race you just met as you were walking down the street in your neighborhood.

And also I do have what I think is another interesting plate of cookies on a platter for next Monday (you can share via social media buttons below), when I hope you will join me again to talk some more oreos. 

Racial Code: The “Lesser Man”

Less Than


Note: I know on Monday I said I was going to post that day’s intended submission today – however circumstances surrounding our President’s decision to double-down on ignorance compelled me to share the following words instead:


The strategy that made Donald Trump’s ascent to the highest possible office in our land was not revolutionary or groundbreaking. Black people in particular knew exactly what he was doing  because we’d seen it COUNTLESS times before. Of George Wallace, reputed racist, who once while governor attempted to disregard a federal mandate integrating schools in Alabama by literally standing in the entrance to a school to block access to black students, a fellow Alabama politician (who was a supporter of his) once said the following about comments he’d made as he ran for the presidency:


“He can use all the other issues – law and order, running your own schools, protecting property rights – and never mention the word race. But people will know he’s telling them ‘A nigger’s trying to get your job, trying to move into your neighborhood.’ What Wallace is doing is talking to them in a kind of shorthand, a kind of code.”


Not long after that scenario Richard Nixon questioned the civil-rights agenda that had been put forth by then president LBJ as he (Nixon) was gearing up for his own presidential run:


“Why have ghetto riots and a rise in crime, welfare dependency, illegitimacy, drug use, and joblessness followed the civil-rights revolution?”…Nixon wondered aloud. 

His answer to his own question: “There is no structural problem of race or class, only excesses on the part of bleeding heart liberalism”. 


Once again these were code words aimed directly at racist hearts who were susceptible to vicious lies due to the unbridled ignorance running rampant across the country. Ignorance that dated back to our nation’s inception. Just imagine living at that time and hearing Nixon’s words even as lynching and segregation was an institution. And yet a candidate for the PRESIDENCY had the nerve to say that there was no “structural problem of race” – and even more dumbfounding it worked! Nixon had successfully employed what had come to be known as the “southern strategy”. A strategy to appeal to xenophobic fears and baseless “rationalies” by directing unfounded theories in the direction of White America.

It actually reared its ugly head again when in 1980 Ronald Regan launched his campaign for the presidency at the Neshoba County Fair in of all places Philadelphia, Mississippi – the same town where three civil rights activists had been murdered by racist bigots. It was there that he posited his own form of racial code when asked about enforcing previously instituted civil-rights initiatives: “I believe in State’s rights”. A deliberate message or eye-wink to the old-boy network signaling that he would not let the federal government intervene in the business of states in the south to stop them from doing what they’d always done to that point: abridge and nullify the rights of black citizens. Jesse Jackson while speaking at Harvard Law School during Regan’s administration asked if the students there knew where Regan had opened his campaign and no one in the room had even heard of Philadelphia, Mississippi – much less realized he started off in that town. Jackson responded: “If even the brightest among us do not uncover these signals, who will”?

It’s safe to say Regan – as a former TV star from Hollywood – did not choose a random town in the deep south where controversy over the murder of civil-rights activists had caused a national outcry because of its cosmopolitan appeal and irresistible night life. Nor for its dense population (even today there’s barely 7,000 people living there) of voters whose sheer numbers could boost his campaign. And if anyone doubted his intentions at the time (or doubts them in 2017) and most informed minds did not incidentally – it was kind of hard for his apologists to explain away his refusal to denounce his Klu Klux Klan endorsement for a week’s time – he finally did so only because public outcry forced his hand (sound familiar?).

Jesse Jackson’s (like him or not) point at Harvard Law was a profound one. The southern strategy can only work if its intended audience is unaware (ignorant) – uneducated on issues of race – or simply racist. And for those who utilize or adhere to the argument in 2017 that the “past is in the past” and that we have “moved on from those days”Our current President employed that SAME “southern strategy” in his run for office. And, though no one thought it could work – believing that we are not living in the 60s or even the 80s anymore for that matter – it was obviously successful. Donald J. Trump is our 45th president because he – like Wallace – like Nixon – like Regan – and so many other politicians of all sorts before him appealed to prejudiced and racist idealogy living in the hearts and minds of more Americans than many of us believed still existed.

Of the many highly questionable  statements Trump made on the campaign trail here are just a few:


“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. … They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people”. ( Note he ASSUMED some were good people!).


“I would build a great wall — and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me — and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall…”


“Islam hates us,” he said in an interview on CNN (drawing little distinction between the religion and radical Islamic terrorism).

After making that statement Trump was subsequently asked if the hate was “in Islam itself,” and said: “that’s for the media to figure out”.


These are some pretty polarizing statements. And the question one has to ask their self – that is if they TRULY want to assess the motivation behind these types of divisive words is: who exactly is he speaking to? Because he was trying to win an election after all. And it does not take a rocket scientists to right off the bat exclude Latinos and Muslims. Black people and Asians certainly would not respond to that kind of rhetoric. Indian people? Don’t think so. I can only think of one race – collectively speaking – that this type of racially charged language would appeal to. I don’t even have to say it do I?

And what is particularly disturbing and telling is that when he appealed to White Middle and Working Class Americans – he did so in a way that spoke to the “lesser man” within them. Stoking fear about Mexicans crossing the border to rape, rob, and pillage. Demonizing those of Muslim faith. He also – though not listed above – talked about black people and crime – and how we “have nothing to lose”. It worked – but it is pretty damn lousy if you ask me. And to be honest this is not so much and indictment of Trump as it is one on the American people. Because Donald Trump…the “loud and foul mouthed-apolitically correct-traveling circus” entity – would not have been possible had the electorate who voted him into office demanded better from someone seeking to run this country. You can talk about how he said he was bringing jobs back all day long. Donald Trump the candidate – sans the racially charged rhetoric – would not be our 45th president. After all was said and done THAT rhetoric – that coded language – was his foremost appeal to White-America.

We can demand greatness over mediocrity. We can demand respect over disrespect. We CAN kill the “southern strategy” and any other method that does not appeal to the “GREATER man” who also resides within each of us. Otherwise I fear that we are about to witness a further descent into chaos. Unless we check ourselves as a nation we will witness the proverbial chickens coming home to roost because of the sins of the father. The writing is on the wall. Let’s demand that America becomes the best version of herself – that she come out of denial – and that she supersede and purge herself of  her racist inclinations once and for all.





 Oreos to go:  Steve Bannon recently said he thinks the racial issues that have arisen are good for the President. Let’s you know who and what he thinks about Trump’s base.

More than a blog. It’s a movement.


Though there is much more that could be said, I will have to stop for now. But hopefully you will continue the conversation in your living rooms, at your places of worship, and even with that person of another race you just met as you were walking down the street in your neighborhood.

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Poor & Working Whites (The Forgotten Race)


One of the very odd occurrences of this past presidential election was actually not unique to the presidential campaign between Clinton and Trump. This peculiar dynamic has transpired for decades if not centuries. Namely, we have had for some time now a scenario in which much of the poor white and/or the “white working class” (a.k.a. “Middle-America”) votes for candidates whose policies are in direct opposition with their own self-interests. It would appear that they are so focused on xenophobic idealism – on religious or pious zeal – and to be quite frank…on prejudiced biases – that they enter the election booth and pull a lever (or trigger if you will) that shoots their own foot. While it is a popular subject in American politics (and in general) to talk about how black people supposedly vote for individuals who don’t care about them – this subject surrounding the predisposition of “Middle America” is rarely if ever discussed in the mainstream.

For reasons we do not have time to unpack many white Americans are so attached to narratives that are drawn for them by the powers that be (Fox News for example) that they can’t see the forest for the trees. I call them the “forgotten race”. And this forgotten race either does not care or does not realize that when people they deem to be their champions… speak out against say… publicly funded programs for “that single mom of three”…they are actually speaking out against the types of programs that assist their own family! When someone like Donald Trump says, “Let’s Make America Great Again”, it is not just about “kicking out those Mexicans” – which “Joe from Idaho” might happen to agree with – it’s also about Joe being dropped from his healthcare coverage because he had pre-existing condition. It’s about the hourly wage he makes at the local factory remaining eternally at a meager rate. And, yet, Joe will step right up and vote for detrimental politicians and policies at his own expense.

There is a profound and fundamental piece to this whole equation that is at the core of race in America. It is the driving force that divides us along lines of color. At its core it is built upon a principle that to-date values a “white-washed America” above all else. And by that I mean that ideals that are tied to what has become “European-American” culture (right to bear arms – immigration reform – small government  – “Christian” morals), have become a manifesto of sorts that motivates people to make decisions that are self-destructive and then stand up and cheer believing they are “Making America Great Again”. I call these people the “forgotten race”, not only because of the fact that the political and economic forces of our nation have forgotten them (taken them for granted), but the truth is they have forgotten themselves.

The issues we face today in America know no color. Morals and values…know no color. At the same time, unfortunately, the social ills of America are more pervasive in communities of color for the very reasons I outlined above. But, one of the many avoided truths in America is that in the process of creating that scenario at the voting polls, many have damned themselves as well. Instead of presenting our political leaders with a united front, “we the people” have allowed issues of race to divide us. This is not a white issue or a black issue. It is not a latino – middle-eastern – or asian issue. This is a moral and American issue. 

The question is: Moving forward how do we confront these problems from a standpoint of truth? And, one way is to tackle our race problem in this country so that people are no longer blinded or motivated to vote for policies for the wrong reasons. Too many lies have been forged that demonize particular races and those lies are disguised in this country as “good-old-fashioned American principles”. As principles that will make America “Great Again”. When the reality is America needs to address some here-to-for old dogmas and stereotypes that have driven a wedge not only between races but the haves and the have notsthat is if we truly want to be great. And less we forget – the have nots includes those of the “forgotten race”.


 Oreos to go: Bad policies know no color…

More than a blog. It’s a movement.

Though there is much more that could be said, I will have to stop for now. But hopefully you will continue the conversation in your living rooms, at your places of worship, and even with that person of another race you just met as you were walking down the street in your neighborhood.

And also I do have what I think is another interesting plate of cookies on a platter for next Monday (you can share via social media buttons below), when I hope you will join me again to talk some more oreos.