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With that in mind I’ll be adding extra STUFF like links to stories or interesting videos that caught my eye during the week regarding RACE. Or, I may just paste in an INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE from time to time with a quick blurb on what that quote might inspire each of us to do in the interest of trying to improve race relations in America.
Those items will be added weekly (or however often possible) – below this message on a rolling basis.

Also, if you find something  

that you think could be of interest to others – send it to me via the “Got Milk?” link in the Main Menu. I will be sure to give you the credit IF you decide you’d like to provide your particulars (i.e. Name, city, occupation or anything else you might like to have shouted out). Want to remain anonymous? No problem, I will leave your particulars out!

Date 5/18/2018:

Harvard grad Judge Robert L. Wilkins discusses how education – status – power does not exempt a person of color from the experience of racial discrimination in America.

Date 4/16/2018:

Video following image features noted writer Ta-Nehisi Coates taking an in depth look at racism today in America:

Take A Look


Watch Here:



Date 4/16/2018:

@ “12 jewels” link included in post I submitted on 4/16/2018 entitled: Mumble Rap the video below the following image is the full-length interview of RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan in which he covers a myriad of subjects. 

Sharing simply because it is the RZA!


Watch Here:


Date 4/12/2018:

Story in link below image details a second grader who came home with a project surrounding the concept of white privilege. Do you think that is too young to discuss such a complex subject?

Should that topic or others like it surrounding race be discussed at any age while a child is in public school (K – 12th Grade)? Why do you believe what you believe @ this subject?


White Privilege


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Date 4/06/2018:

@ post I submitted on 4/05/2018 entitled: Weird Religion: Village Church pastor Matt Chandler explains in his own words the difficult experience of attempting to address issues of RACE in the White Christian Church.

Race and Chrurch

Read Here:

Date 4/02/2018:

I came across this article below that details just how much of a patent racist former President…Woodrow Wilson was. 


Woodrow 2


For me this highlights two points: 1) Our nation has without question been built upon racist principles: being that Presidents since before Wilson’s time – and on up to Donald Trump – have held bigoted beliefs. 2) We have a nation of citizens who are willing to put racist individuals into the White House. That needs to change.

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Date 9/25/2017:

Article in link below image that details the questionable character of judge Thomas Alvin Farr appointed by Donald Trump.

Dr. William Barber of N.C. points to Farr’s connection with former Senator of N.C. – Jesse Helms – a reputed bigot and racist and the aid that Farr provided Helms in running a campaign of intimidation directed at black voters.

William B


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Date 9/25/2017:

Article in link below that details NFL players who protested yesterday in response to divisive comments offered by Donald Trump in Alabama this past Friday:



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Date 9/11/2017:

Article below image about the grandson of former Confederate General Robert E. Lee who was essentially harassed by church members of all people after he spoke about about racism past and present:


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Date 8/18/2017:

@ blog posted on 8/24/2017 – this is a video in which Spike Lee discusses his critically acclaimed film “Malcolm X” at the Actor’s Studio:


Date 8/18/2017:

Article below that covers protests taking place in Durham, NC today to denounce presence of Confederate statues. This is on the heels of: a Confederate statue that was torn down a few nights ago in Durham – subsequent arrests of the perpetrators – and of course the White Nationalists debacle that transpired last Saturday in Charlottesville, VA:



Read here:

Date 7/31/2017:

Excerpt from a stand-up special recorded some years back in which Dave Chapelle brilliantly discusses the difference between the white and black experience in America @ police encounters:


Date 6/01/2017

@ blog posted on 6/01/2017 entitled: “Lebron”– full length video below includes Lebron’s thoughts concerning the racial slur written on the entrance way of his L.A. home.



Date 5/10/2017 @ blog posted on 5/8/2017 entitled: “Interracial Matters (Part II)” – article below that covers story of college professor and her husband (interracial couple) who decided to move after being harassed.

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Date 5/4/2017 @ blog posted on 5/3/2017 entitled: “Kudos Boston” – article below that details a fan that was banned the day after Adam Jones received a standing ovation due to racially charged language he directed at another fan at Fenway Park.

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