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Hello Again!

This page was created simply for the purpose of adding stuff” like links to stories that caught my eye during the week regarding race. Or maybe for pasting in inspirational quotes and a quick blurb on what it might inspire each of us to do in the interest of trying to improve race relations in America. Those items will be added weekly (or however often possible) – below this message on a rolling basis.

So if you should happen to become a regular visitor and maybe feel like double stuffing your oreo after reading my weekly post – stop in here to see what I may have found. Also if you find something that you believe might be of interest to others – send it to me via the “Got Milk?” link in the Main Menu. I will be sure to give you the credit if you decide you’d like to provide your particulars (ie Name, city, occupation or anything else you might like to have shouted out). 

Date 6/01/2017 @ blog posted on 6/01/2017 entitled: “Lebron”– full length video below includes Lebron’s thoughts concerning the racial slur written on the entrance way of his L.A. home.

Date 5/10/2017 @ blog posted on 5/8/2017 entitled: “Interracial Matters (Part II)” – article below that covers story of college professor and her husband (interracial couple) who decided to move after being harassed.

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Date 5/4/2017 @ blog posted on 5/3/2017 entitled: “Kudos Boston” – article below that details a fan that was banned the day after Adam Jones received a standing ovation due to racially charged language he directed at another fan at Fenway Park.

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